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Jan 11

“Stolen Bases, Stolen Kisses” – A Little League Story #8 by Christen Anne Kelley

If Laurie cancels her date with Mark one more time, he’ll walk. We’re talking out of the ballpark, not coming back, walking. But her dad made sure any reasonable Date Day was also a Game Day or a Practice Day or a Pitching Lesson Day. Totally uncool. But if she wants her date, she’ll have …

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Nov 30

“The No Boyfriend-Christmas Experience” – A Little League Story by Christen Anne Kelley

Getting dumped sucks. Getting dumped weeks before Christmas – and the day after Mandy wrapped Paul’s locker – sucks more. Determined not to let her jerk ex ruin a good Christmas, Mandy keeps her head high and ignores his accusations about her having more balls than him. But when Mandy learns Paul and his new …

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Nov 01

“Home Run” – Book One of the Home Run Series by Christen Anne Kelley

Ex-college softball player, now coach of twelve-year-old girls, all Laurie Stevens cares about is having fun. Fun means no die-hard competition, no talk of scholarships, and definitely no college scouts. But when Jack Evans, former Major League Baseball pitcher, steps onto her field, having fun just got more challenging. Especially when Jack brings along his …

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Oct 09

“Fireworks Wait for No One” – A Little League Story by Christen Anne Kelley

Alice and her mom made a deal: scheduled softball events means no boyfriend time, no sneaking out of the house, no going out. In other words? No dating that weekend. Alice sticks to her part of the bargain (after all, being seventeen means too bad and live with it) and schedules a romantic, fireworks filled …

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Aug 31

“Batter Up, Pucker” – A Little League Story Collection by Christen Anne Kelley

  Five stories of romance where girls get down and dirty not only on the softball field, but off as well. To find happiness, they must dare to follow their dreams and their hearts. This collection contains the first five Little League Stories: “Prom Dates & Softball Bats,” “Throw Like a Girl, Catch a Date,” …

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Aug 22

“More to Life than Softball” – A Little League Story by Christen Anne Kelley

For freshman-player Sally, seeing her softball hero getting married and then batting as the lead-off hitter is a dream come true. Of course, the wedding must actually start on time. Sent to hunt down fellow altar-server Ethan, she finds him in the choir loft with a half-empty bottle of wine, Scooby-Doo boxers, and an incredibly …

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Aug 17

“There’s No Crying in Softball” – A Little League Story by Christen Anne Kelley

Most girls on the Sunny View High School softball team dream of the day when they get the call: a college scholarship offer. Not Heather. Not even after she receives three. But when senior heart-throb, Chris, finds her crying after practice he becomes more than the guy who constantly teases her. He refuses to let her …

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Aug 09

“Softball + Scholarships = Cute College Boys” – A Little League Story by Christen Anne Kelley

Years of softball pitching lessons, batting practice, and taking-out catchers brought Elizabeth to this moment: packing for her first, all expenses paid college visit. She not only must choose the right college, she must choose the right softball team. The perfect team, the one where she’d immediately fit in. While her dad might be okay …

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Jul 11

“Throw Like a Girl, Catch a Date” – A Little League Short Story by Christen Anne Kelley

Every team has its sweet girl, its hot girl, and the big girl who crushes the ball out of the park. Lacey worked hard to build this reputation, but now in her senior year and with her teammates buzzing about prom, Lacey finds herself alone. No one asked her to prom. Or to the movies. …

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Jun 13

“Prom Dates & Softball Bats” – A Little League Short Story

The minute Jenny, the newest transfer student at Sunny View High, steps onto the field for softball try-outs she finds trouble – trouble Jenny hoped would mean the end of her softball career. Yeah, right. Like she’d get that lucky. Not when Jason steps in and prevents a fight between Jenny and his sister, the …

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