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Apr 14

Return a Book, Do NOT Return a Boy – A Book-Stack Romance #4 by Christen Anne Kelley

When it comes to homecoming, no one remains safe from the talks of dresses, make-up, shoes, and who’s-going-with-who. Not even Jess who hides in the quiet, dusty stacks of the Sunny View Library. Not when her mother insists she’ll be attending even this means calling every neighbor in a 50 mile radius to foist a …

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Oct 26

“My Secret Santa” – A Book-Stack Romance by Christen Anne Kelley

The worst part about Christmas? Watching perfect, silky, smooth-haired Sarah fawn over her newly wrapped locker, a locker right above Abby. With no choice but to smile and nod, the last thing Abby wants – a pissed off Sarah. But when homeroom hotty Nick begins paying attention to Abby and not Sarah, including holding her …

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Sep 27

“Share a Book, Share a Kiss” – A Book-Stack Romance by Christen Anne Kelley

Mel liked to start her day on a positive note. Not waking up to a blaring car horn, her stuck-up, senior sister driving off without her, or running late to school. To make matters worse, her dog made a late night snack of her biology textbook. With a giant test in two days and her …

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