Apr 14

Return a Book, Do NOT Return a Boy – A Book-Stack Romance #4 by Christen Anne Kelley

When it comes to homecoming, no one remains safe from the talks of dresses, make-up, shoes, and who’s-going-with-who. Not even Jess who hides in the quiet, dusty stacks of the Sunny View Library. Not when her mother insists she’ll be attending even this means calling every neighbor in a 50 mile radius to foist a date onto Jess.

Royally screwed and seriously running out of time, Jess turns to her best friend, Steven, who comes up with the perfect solution: his older brother. A senior, very hot, older brother. A brother who only wants a friend date, no strings, and nothing serious.

So why does her stomach twist at the thought? And why does Drew become the last person Jess wants as her date to homecoming?

This edition includes bonus story, “My Secret Santa.”

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To read a sample, please go here: Excerpt.