Mar 27

“A Bird’s Eye View of Love” – A Pet Companion Romance #2 by Christen Anne Kelley

Samantha followed the rules of first-time-parrot owner. She listened to advice, did her research, spent time with the gorgeous blue and gold macaw named Timothy, but when she finally packed Timothy up and brought him home, well, Timothy didn’t care too much for following rules. Of any kind. Actually, he laughed and screamed at her. Continuously.

Waiting outside the parrot shop, knowing the loaded, disapproving looks awaiting her, Samantha stands there frozen until Tim steps out. He spots her slinking away and she momentarily loses control of her voice. And her sanity, especially when Tim pushes her into telling him the truth about Timothy. To her surprise, Tim knows a little something about birds…and what it means to be part of the flock.+

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