Oct 31

“Santa’s Unfinished Business” – A Cassiel Clarke Story by Chrissy Wissler

Cass doesn’t do ghosts. Ever. Of course, Gran doesn’t take ‘go to hell’ as an answer when she calls Cass looking for a ride – in the middle of a snowstorm – at 2:00 in the morning. At least Gran provides coffee, and all things considered, Cass’s waiting in the car isn’t too bad. Gran goes inside, does her psychic thing while Cass does her thing by staying away from the ghost.

A good plan, really…until Santa shows up. A Santa who doesn’t understand Cass and her ‘little’ problem when she sees a ghost. A Santa who needs Cass to send him to the next life…if she remains conscious long enough to help.

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To read a sample, please go here: Excerpt.