Category: 10 Story Collection

Nov 30

“Montana Magic: Ten Fantasy Stories” by Chrissy Wissler

Ten stories of fantasy inspired by Montana’s magical wilderness. This collection contains five Elven Heritage Stories and five Guardian Tale Stories: “I Don’t Believe in Elves,” “The Elven Forest Hates Me,” “My Uncooperative Elven Shadow,” “My Family Reunion: No Elves Allowed,” and “Help! I See Dead Elves,” “The Unwanted Apprentice,” “The Shells Speak Truth,” “Becoming …

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Nov 14

“Ten Stories of Finding Love” 10 Story Collection by Christen Anne Kelley

Ten stories of falling in love when you least expect it. This collection contains: “Prom Dates & Softball Bats,” “Check Out a Book, Check Out a Boy,” “Share a Book, Share a Kiss,” “Best Prom Ever,” “Softball + Scholarships = Cute College Boys,” “There’s No Crying in Softball,” “More to Life than Softball,” “Throw like …

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