Category: Fantasy

Apr 06

An Accidental Meeting – A Story of Accidental Proportions #5 by Chrissy Wissler

Impatient with Annabelle and her lack of awesome Chosen One powers – or any powers for that matter – the Sorcerer-Lord Marcen forces Annabelle to steal magic from an enslaved unicorn. On her own, with no hope of escape and no hope of a rescue, Annabelle must decide to sacrifice herself or the unicorn. Then …

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Feb 22

Guardian’s Vengeance: Book One of the Guardian Chronicles by Chrissy Wissler

Eleanor, one of the most powerful and gifted Artists, doesn’t give a damn about authority. Or consequences. Or the Inquisitors sent to haul her back – not when the land needs her help. But when she heals a dying crop field and inadvertently triggers a strand of Wild, twisted and tainted magic, it nearly unravels her …

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Feb 14

“My Unexpected Elven Ally” – An Elven Heritage Story #7 by Chrissy Wissler

Ever since Kate learned about her elven heritage, her life shifted from sort of normal to sort of dangerous. First the scary forest had it in for her, then her dad tried the whole kidnapping thing, and now she meets a slightly crazed elf who wants to help her. In all honesty, Kate needs help …

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Jan 23

“A Gangster’s Accident” – A Story of Accidental Proportions #4 by Chrissy Wissler

Annabelle, the accidental Chosen One, must convince the Gangster Guild to kill her. Actually, she prefers a faked death to fool the Sorcerer-Lords. Too bad big boss Ernie has other plans. Too bad Ernie didn’t quite understand what ‘accident’ meant when he met Annabelle. Hopefully his gangster headquarters has minotaur-horde invasion insurance… You can purchase …

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Jan 11

“I Shall Not Date Elves” – An Elven Heritage Story #6 by Chrissy Wissler

Kate doesn’t do camping. Ever. Who cares if she shares her soul with an elf? She requires running water, flushing toilets, and more than one clean pair of underwear. But if Kate wants to protect herself from being kidnapped by her magi dad and learn the truth about her heritage, she has no choice but …

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Nov 30

“Montana Magic: Ten Fantasy Stories” by Chrissy Wissler

Ten stories of fantasy inspired by Montana’s magical wilderness. This collection contains five Elven Heritage Stories and five Guardian Tale Stories: “I Don’t Believe in Elves,” “The Elven Forest Hates Me,” “My Uncooperative Elven Shadow,” “My Family Reunion: No Elves Allowed,” and “Help! I See Dead Elves,” “The Unwanted Apprentice,” “The Shells Speak Truth,” “Becoming …

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Oct 31

“Santa’s Unfinished Business” – A Cassiel Clarke Story by Chrissy Wissler

Cass doesn’t do ghosts. Ever. Of course, Gran doesn’t take ‘go to hell’ as an answer when she calls Cass looking for a ride – in the middle of a snowstorm – at 2:00 in the morning. At least Gran provides coffee, and all things considered, Cass’s waiting in the car isn’t too bad. Gran goes …

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Oct 26

“Deception and Magic” – Two Fantasy Short Novels by Chrissy Wissler

Two women must stand on their own if they wish to save both human lives and souls. And more importantly, if they wish to remain free. This collection contains two short novels, “Those with Souls,” and, “A Ghost of an Accident.” In, “Those with Souls,” Eleanor spent four years healing the land with her Artist’s …

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Oct 18

“A Ghost of an Accident” – A Short Novel of Accidental Proportions by Chrissy Wissler

When Annabelle leaves the safety of her magically protected Chosen One rooms, she expects an attack – you know, the same guys trying to kill her since Day One? She doesn’t expect the ghost. Or the legion of ghosts behind this guy. They all want something from her. Just like they always have every damn …

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Oct 13

“More than a Little Accident” – A Story of Accidental Proportions by Chrissy Wissler

You know about the Tenth Prophecy? The one which points to former dog-attendant Annabelle as the next Chosen One? Well, not many Sorcerer-Lords are pleased about this and more than a few have plans involving her ‘unfortunate’ death.  Her two protectors, Marcello and Mr. Big Guard, have their hands full keeping her alive, but if …

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