Category: Romance

Apr 14

Return a Book, Do NOT Return a Boy – A Book-Stack Romance #4 by Christen Anne Kelley

When it comes to homecoming, no one remains safe from the talks of dresses, make-up, shoes, and who’s-going-with-who. Not even Jess who hides in the quiet, dusty stacks of the Sunny View Library. Not when her mother insists she’ll be attending even this means calling every neighbor in a 50 mile radius to foist a …

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Feb 02

“When You Need a Friend” – A College League Story #1 by Christen Anne Kelley

Usually when Samantha hears the words, “I’m pregnant,” she pulls out a tissue box, sits her teammate down, and works damage control. Not Madison. Not when she practically jumps Sam with celebratory hugs, good cheers, and not a hint of hysteria in sight – which considering the whole softball scholarship on the line and dropping …

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Jan 19

“Answers on the Run” – Short Story by Christen Anne Kelley

Giving up. The easy way out. But as Olive pounds against the thick, beach sand, waves urging her on, she keeps running. Doesn’t stop. If she stops it means failure, means she’ll give up the way Johnny had given up on her and her unborn baby. But while running keeps her going, it may not …

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Jan 11

“Stolen Bases, Stolen Kisses” – A Little League Story #8 by Christen Anne Kelley

If Laurie cancels her date with Mark one more time, he’ll walk. We’re talking out of the ballpark, not coming back, walking. But her dad made sure any reasonable Date Day was also a Game Day or a Practice Day or a Pitching Lesson Day. Totally uncool. But if she wants her date, she’ll have …

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Jan 11

“Swing Away” – The All-Star Series: Book One by Christen Anne Kelley

Her dad’s a rich, lying cheat, the softball team hates her, and a cute senior asked her to prom. Welcome to Sunny View High. For sophomore Jenny Taylor, every year means at least three moves all thanks to her dad, famous baseball player, Sam Taylor. But Sunny View promises a different life, a chance at …

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Nov 30

“The No Boyfriend-Christmas Experience” – A Little League Story by Christen Anne Kelley

Getting dumped sucks. Getting dumped weeks before Christmas – and the day after Mandy wrapped Paul’s locker – sucks more. Determined not to let her jerk ex ruin a good Christmas, Mandy keeps her head high and ignores his accusations about her having more balls than him. But when Mandy learns Paul and his new …

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Nov 14

“Ten Stories of Finding Love” 10 Story Collection by Christen Anne Kelley

Ten stories of falling in love when you least expect it. This collection contains: “Prom Dates & Softball Bats,” “Check Out a Book, Check Out a Boy,” “Share a Book, Share a Kiss,” “Best Prom Ever,” “Softball + Scholarships = Cute College Boys,” “There’s No Crying in Softball,” “More to Life than Softball,” “Throw like …

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Nov 01

“Home Run” – Book One of the Home Run Series by Christen Anne Kelley

Ex-college softball player, now coach of twelve-year-old girls, all Laurie Stevens cares about is having fun. Fun means no die-hard competition, no talk of scholarships, and definitely no college scouts. But when Jack Evans, former Major League Baseball pitcher, steps onto her field, having fun just got more challenging. Especially when Jack brings along his …

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Oct 31

“He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” – Five Story Collection by Christen Anne Kelley

Five stories of being a teen, falling in love, and finding happiness. This collection contains: “Check Out a Book, Check Out a Boy,” “Prom Dates & Softball Bats,” “Share a Book, Share a Kiss,” “Best Prom Ever,” and “Softball + Scholarships = Cute College Boys.” You can purchase this story for $5.99 at: Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords. …

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Oct 26

“My Secret Santa” – A Book-Stack Romance by Christen Anne Kelley

The worst part about Christmas? Watching perfect, silky, smooth-haired Sarah fawn over her newly wrapped locker, a locker right above Abby. With no choice but to smile and nod, the last thing Abby wants – a pissed off Sarah. But when homeroom hotty Nick begins paying attention to Abby and not Sarah, including holding her …

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